Digital Simulators

The first two digital simulators available on RareSim are dedicated to the culture of doubt. This subject is relevant across the 7,000 diseases and therefore constitutes the platform’s “core”.

These first digital simulators therefore contribute to maintaining the culture of doubt necessary to reduce delays in patient care, avoid diagnostic errors and inappropriate and unnecessary treatments, and reduce medical appointments.

Photo du simulateur numérique Culture du doute 1 l Module 1 où se trouve la maman et son nourrisson lors d'une consultation

Culture of doubt – Module 1

Paediatrics – Neonatology, Neurology, Surgery

‘Odd-shaped’ head, skull shape abnormality: what to do and when?

Photo du simulateur numérique Culture du doute 2 l Module 2 représentant la jeune femme atteinte d'un trouble d'origine neurologique

Culture of doubt – Module 2

Pédiatrie – Néonatalogie, Neurologie

Diagnosis of a neurological problem in a young woman aged 18

New simulators

Coming soon...